25 NEW Blog Post Ideas Inspired by YouTube Videos

 Anyone who has a blog will understand the struggle to find new ideas every time we sit in front of our laptop to write a new post. Writing about something unique can be pretty challenging these days. I faced this frustrating problem a month ago when I had no idea what to talk about in…… Continue reading 25 NEW Blog Post Ideas Inspired by YouTube Videos


Digital Invitations & Cards with Paperless Post

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could show how much a person is important to you by customizing your own card online? Instead of going the old-fashioned way by sending a text message or even writing a post on social media, Paperless Post gives you the opportunity to be more creative. If you haven’t heard…… Continue reading Digital Invitations & Cards with Paperless Post


Sunday Links #1

Sunday Links is a new weekly series on the blog. Every time I find something interesting on the internet I tell myself that I should share it with you guys. So I said why not share all the links I’m loving in a weekly blog post. These links will be blog posts I saved on…… Continue reading Sunday Links #1


Cutest Romwe Swimsuits Under $16

Few days ago was the official start of summer. Now we all know that it’s the perfect time of the year for a long and relaxing holiday, and that could only mean one thing… hunting for swimsuits is on the top of every girl’s to do list. I found these swimsuits that are less than $16…… Continue reading Cutest Romwe Swimsuits Under $16


June Goals

Apologies for being away for that long! I’m actually in the midst of finishing my exams, I still have a lot going on but I missed blogging and I thought that June wouldn’t pass without me sharing my goals of the month with you guys! I literally can’t wait to get back to blogging and…… Continue reading June Goals