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80+ Photo Prop Ideas For Bloggers

I’ve heard too many times that if you want a blog that stands out, you should start with creating captivating photos! And when it comes to me, photos attract me the most to read a blog post.  I’ve been looking lately for cute photo prop ideas to enhance my blog photos.  So I created this…… Continue reading 80+ Photo Prop Ideas For Bloggers


Cute Valentine’s Wallpapers

Valentine’s day is just a week away! So a few days ago, I was searching for some romantic phone wallpapers for valentine’s day and I just found some really cute ones that I would like to share with you. I don’t own any of these or created them, so I’ve inserted the link to the…… Continue reading Cute Valentine’s Wallpapers

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How To | Staying Motivated To Study

Let’s face it: we all have struggles to stay motivated while studying! Studying needs a concentrated and motivated mind. Studying is very challenging too: seeing your classmates getting high grades while you are struggling to get a C. I think that no matter how smart, brilliant, intelligent you are, there will always be someone better…… Continue reading How To | Staying Motivated To Study

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It’s Time to Kiss Summer Goodbye

Fall is officially here, and I can’t get more excited about it! Even though Summer is gone now and I’m desperately going to miss it, but Autumn has a lot of amazing things that I’m looking forward to and I guess you do too! So here is a list of things I love about Fall!…… Continue reading It’s Time to Kiss Summer Goodbye

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25 Fall Blog Post Ideas

You know Autumn is on the corner when your Instagram feed is full of cozy sweaters and pumpkin spiced lattes pictures. And with a new season, you’ll need to come up with brand new ideas for your online space! So I created a “25 Fall blog post ideas” list that hopefully will get you inspired…… Continue reading 25 Fall Blog Post Ideas