20 blog post ideas – quarantine edition

This pandemic affected my mental health in so many ways. I’ve been at home since March, away from my loved ones, I lost my job, and canceled so many plans I had in mind. But on the other side, I spent more time with myself, and I did the things I always used to postpone…… Continue reading 20 blog post ideas – quarantine edition

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Desk Essential Picks

A desk is a very important part in a blogger’s life. That’s where all the work is done. I usually enjoy writing my blog posts on my desk, but there are definitely days where I end up laying on the couch with the laptop on my laps. So today I thought I’d share some of…… Continue reading Desk Essential Picks

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80+ Photo Prop Ideas For Bloggers

I’ve heard too many times that if you want a blog that stands out, you should start with creating captivating photos! And when it comes to me, photos attract me the most to read a blog post.  I’ve been looking lately for cute photo prop ideas to enhance my blog photos.  So I created this…… Continue reading 80+ Photo Prop Ideas For Bloggers

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50 Blogmas Ideas

Can you believe it? Christmas is a month away! That’s the time of the year when the entire blogging community is thinking whether they should give Blogmas a go or not. It’s very challenging to come with new ideas and write content for 25 days in a row! But I think it’s worth it. This year…… Continue reading 50 Blogmas Ideas

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Life Lately & New Blogging Schedule

Hey loves! Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been posting for a month now. I also haven’t been very active on social media. It has been a seriously busy month for me.  I thought I would explain what I’ve been doing and talk about my new blogging schedule that hopefully, I’ll stick to…… Continue reading Life Lately & New Blogging Schedule