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Desk Essential Picks


A desk is a very important part in a blogger’s life. That’s where all the work is done. I usually enjoy writing my blog posts on my desk, but there are definitely days where I end up laying on the couch with the laptop on my laps. So today I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorite desk essential goodies from the Old English Company.


When I was scrolling through the website, I immediately knew I will be picking this cute notebook. First, it’s an A5 size so it fits in my everyday bag and it doesn’t take up too much space on my desk, which is perfect! It has a gold wire and a hard cover that has a “you rock” reminder on it. I can’t wait to start using it for planning my future blog projects on.


As a huge procrastinator, this weekly desk pad is exactly what I needed! It has a motivational quote on the top that says “Get Stuff Done”. It has enough space for you to plan each and every day of the week. After the week is done, you can tear the page and start a new one. There’s a variety of beautiful designs on the website that you should definitely check out. Blogger or not, I think that this is a must-have!


Next is this adorable mug that says “Do what you love”. The great thing about it is that, as I’ll be drinking my coffee every morning, I’ll have to read this great reminder every day. What I love about the Old English Company is that almost every product they have has a reminder or a motivational quote on. That’s what we all need, especially on working days, right?


I couldn’t pick a mug without getting not one, but two of the cutest coasters I have ever seen. One said “Bonjour” and the other “hugs for free”. I love how they look on my desk with the mug. It was hard for me to pick because I loved each and every design on the website. You should definitely go check them out!


Overall, I’m super happy with all these products. I love how these quotes leave traces of good vibes through my day every time I look at them. I can’t wait to try new products from the Old English Company!

Have you guys checked out the Old English Company before?


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