Sunday Links #1

Sunday Links is a new weekly series on the blog. Every time I find something interesting on the internet I tell myself that I should share it with you guys. So I said why not share all the links I’m loving in a weekly blog post. These links will be blog posts I saved on Bloglovin’ and found helpful or articles found on the internet. I could be sharing links to dessert recipes, cute DIYs, informative YouTube videos or even articles about health. Anything that I find interesting. So let’s get started!


Find out why you should start shaving your face

Here are 10 date ideas for under £10

Learn how to teach yourself anything!

Here are 7 tips for learning a new language

Looking for blog post ideas? Here are 20 Summer inspired blog post ideas

You should try these delicious marshmallow crunch brownie bars

Learn how this girl doubled her Instagram following in 5 months

These are 3 things every flat lay needs

Learn how to pedicure at home

Here’s how this girl gained confidence

What do you think about these links? Share yours too!

Marilyn x








One thought on “Sunday Links #1

  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I fell in love with it,i think it’s great! I just started a blog myself and it would be lovely if you could check it out, and maybe give me some tips or advice. Thank you!
    Louisa x


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