June Goals

June Goals

Apologies for being away for that long! I’m actually in the midst of finishing my exams, I still have a lot going on but I missed blogging and I thought that June wouldn’t pass without me sharing my goals of the month with you guys! I literally can’t wait to get back to blogging and to my normal life in general.

So here are my June goals!

  • Look for a part-time job and start saving.DSCN0240 (2)
  • Finally graduate (yes you read that right. I’m super excited!).
  • Get a haircut (will talk about this one in a blog post soon so stay tuned).
  • Go on a hunt for the perfect prom dress (I would love to hear your recommendations by the way!).
  • Get back to blogging and stick to a schedule (new posts every Monday and Friday starting from the 19th of June).
  • Take my new camera with me everywhere I go.
  • Reach 500 followers on my new Instagram account (It would mean a lot if you helped me reach my goal).
  • I got inspired by Dorkface‘s insta feed and I want to start painting (I hope I was as talented as her).
  • Get organized.

What are you planning for June?

Marilyn x


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