Beauty Hacks | Tried & Tested


I’m always so intrigued by all these beauty hacks that are all over on Pinterest and Youtube. Some of them seem useless while others look like life savers. I always wanted to know if these hacks actually work like they promise. I know a lot of you have that curiosity too! In this post, I’ll be testing out 5 hacks that a lot of you may have heard of but have never actually tried.

Hack #1 – DIY Self Tanner Using Cocoa

What you should do is to mix cocoa powder (2tbs) with body lotion very well and then put it on the part of your body that you want it to be tanned.

Did it work? I don’t know if the problem was with the body lotion I used, but this not only didn’t work for me, it also was a very messy process! Fortunately, it is super easy to remove this self-tanner off with water. Long story short: I felt a little disappointed about this one. I don’t think anyone would love to smell like cocoa all day anyway.

Hack #2 – Using Rubbing Alcohol To Fix Broken Makeup

Have you ever knocked down a makeup product into 10 million little tiny crumbles? It’s so frustrating! The hack says that you should gather all of the broken pieces in its original container, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact and use your finger to rub and smooth down the makeup. Then wait until the alcohol dries out.

Did it work? Where this hack has been all my life?! It’s a life saver, it worked magically for me! Without losing the pigmentation nor the color, I fixed my broken blush with only one product that you’ll definitely find at home. Just make sure to not add too much of rubbing alcohol. I totally recommend you try this one!

Hack #3 – Using Mascara As A Brow Gel

It’s said that applying mascara on your brows and brushing them does the work of a brow gel.

Did it work? I’m guessing this is nothing new to most people. I’ve tried this hack several times and it just works as it promises. You’ll end up with well brushed and darker that usual eyebrows. Not bad at all!

Hack #4 – Adding Vaseline Before Spraying Perfume

It’s said that if you rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume, the scent will last longer.

Did it work? I added Vaseline and then perfume on one hand and I only sprayed perfume on the other. At the end of the day, the scent of the one with Vaseline was still noticeable while on the other, the fragrance just disappeared. This hack actually worked for me. You guys should try this out. Thumbs up!

Hack #5 – Using Coconut Oil To Remove Makeup

To remove your makeup, they say to scoop a small amount of coconut oil and spread it gently over your face and eyes.

Did it work? I wasn’t surprised when this hack actually worked because I think coconut oil is a magical ingredient that has tons of benefits. It’s a 100% natural oil and a lot cheaper than all of these face cleansing wipes that I used to purchase. BIG thumbs up!

What other hacks you would love to try and test?

Until next time,
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