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How To | Start a Fitness Routine


I don’t know about you, but starting a fitness routine and having a healthy lifestyle was on top of my resolution list for 2017. And the perfect time to start for me will always be the Winter season! So if you’re like me and you’re willing to become healthier, this post will come in handy. And if you’re not, then hopefully, this post will motivate you to start. Cause it’s never too late!

Goals / Setting goals is one of the most motivating things for a fresh start. Write down challenging but realistic goals that you would like to achieve. Don’t forget to set deadlines!

New Healthy Recipes / Being fit is 70% based on eating healthy and 30% based on working out. And starting a healthy routine simply means that you’re going to be deprived from a lot of mouthwatering food. What you eat is very important in this period so make sure you learn new healthy snack ideas, sugar-free desserts, smoothies and shakes that you could simply find on Pinterest, Youtube or even by following fitness blogs.

Motivation / A lot of people, including me, struggle with finding motivation when they need to workout. A quick tip that works is to surround yourself with small things that will help you find that motivation. By scrolling through Pinterest for example, you’ll find tons of inspiring quotes, before and afters and workouts to keep you motivated. You could also put a picture of your ideal “perfect body” or simply a motivating quote as your wallpaper so whenever you check your phone you’ll be reminded of your fitness goals.

Journal / Start a fitness journal where you will track your progress, write what you eat every day, log how much water you drink, list down your goals or even write how you feel after a workout. You could write anything in order to motivate yourself!

Schedule / When would you like to workout? Pick a strict schedule (at least two days a week) and stick to it.

Workout Buddy / This tip is optional but has worked magically for me! I used to go for a run with my sister every morning. It’s crazy how much working out with someone can be motivating! Find someone who has set fitness goals just like you and set a fitness schedule for both of you.

Workout Playlist / Music will be your best friend and your biggest motivator when you need to start a fresh fitness routine. Working out with music playing is totally different from working out without it. So create a playlist of you favorite songs that makes you shake off that booty! Check my own workout playlists here and here.

Fun / You might be saying “Come on Marilyn, how working out and having fun could fit in one sentence?” But I’ll tell you this: the most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing! Make your workout fun. There are a lot of fun and cheerful workouts like Zumba, to get that energy out, or yoga, to clear your mind… When you enjoy your workout, you’ll find yourself wanting more and more!

Do you have any other tip to start a healthy lifestyle?

Until next time,
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