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Top Trends Of 2016 | Fashion


I’m a little late but Happy New Year lovely people!

How was your first week of 2017?

December was an overloaded month for me, Christmas, New Year and lots of exams. I’m finally back now and have planned a lot of new posts for this month. So for my first post of 2017, I thought I’d look back on my favorite fashion-related looks that got trending in 2016.

1- Loafer

Loafers have become increasingly popular this year. Easy to slip on, they are perfect for a casual and comfy day.

2- Cold Shoulder

Being worn by bloggers, celebrities, and the fashion-savvy, the cold shoulder trend is the perfect combination of sexy and sweet.

3- Suede Jackets

The suede, back from the 90s, is one of these trends that works with any outfit, making it look glamorous. This is one of my favorite trends for2016.

4- Bomber Jackets

The Bomber jacket has been everywhere this year! So many different brands brought it out with different styles and colors. If you ever need to make your look more casual, Bomber jackets will do the work!

5- Velvet

Within the last few months, I’ve seen velvet everywhere! From tops to dresses and even shoes, this trend adds a touch of retro and glam to any look

6- Blush Pink

That “Tumblr” blush pink has been the color of the year. It’s EVERYWHERE. It will add a touch of femininity to your outfit. What are your thoughts on the blush trend?

7- Bucket Bag

In all their glory, sizes, colors and retro vibes, bucket bags are the cutest trend! The bucket bag can be your best friend for bad days, just chuck your things in the bucket and you’re good to go!

8- Glacon Reading Glasses

Love them or hate them, the glacon glasses have become increasingly popular this year. I’ve seen these everywhere. These glasses aren’t only for vision, they give that edgy style to your look.

9- Fishnet Stockings

Another 90s trend, the fishnet thighs. I remember them being in fashion years ago, and suddenly they have appeared again. I’m a huge fan of this mini-trend.

 What are your favorite trends of 2016?

Until next time,
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Source: All these pictures are taken from Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Top Trends Of 2016 | Fashion

  1. You are dead on with all these trends, they were definitley the hottest ones of 2016!! I love the fishnet stocking trend too it looks so good under ripped jeans! Great post 🙂

    Tash | natashatodd.blogspot.co.uk


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