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How To | Staying Motivated To Study


Let’s face it: we all have struggles to stay motivated while studying! Studying needs a concentrated and motivated mind. Studying is very challenging too: seeing your classmates getting high grades while you are struggling to get a C. I think that no matter how smart, brilliant, intelligent you are, there will always be someone better than you. Don’t let the success of others discourage you, let it inspire you to do better! Every student needs the motivation to keep trying and working hard in order to succeed. So here are 5 ways to stay motivated.

Have a study buddy: Studying with someone who has the same classes as you is always motivating. One of you might know something that the other don’t. You two can share notes together, study for tests together, and help each other stay focused. Albert Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” So if you have a study partner, try to explain something to him and vise versa, in order to see if you have well understood.

Set a to-do list: Organisation is key. Lists always make tasks more achievable! At the start of the week, set a list of things that needs to be done by the end of the week. For example, arrange your tasks by priorities. Write what you need to do first on top of your list, and what’s less important at the end.

Keep track of time: After setting a to-do list, write near each task the time you’ll need to achieve it. This will allow you to see how you much time you spend on each task every day.

Put your goal in front of your eyes: When you’re studying, it’s good to keep in mind the reasons for doing all this hard work. Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because they can never take it away from you. Study because you want to know more. Study because it enhances you. Study because it grows you. Think of what you’ll achieve by studying.

Reward yourself when you complete a goal: Think about ways to reward yourself after achieving tasks, like taking a short walk, eating a snack or listen to a song. That’s a great way to stay motivated and not get bored!

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5 thoughts on “How To | Staying Motivated To Study

  1. This actually came at the perfect time cause I have so much studying to do this week and even though I’ve been feeling quite motivated and productive lately it’s always great to get some more tips 🙂 Making to-do lists or study plans as I call them works quite well for me. I made one during the weekend so that I’m ready for the week & know what I’ll have to get done each day x



  2. Making lists definitely helped me stay motivated and focused when I did schoolwork! All of these are totally applicable to any student or learner.

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles


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