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Every Blogger Needs These 10 Pinterest Boards

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to blogging, half of my blog’s views are from Pinterest! I spend a lot of time and effort organizing my pins and creating new boards that will fit a wide variety of people. And I have to admit it, it wasn’t easy! That’s not something you could do in one day or two, it takes lots of effort and time! The key to engaging followers  is to create boards that these followers will find interesting! So these are 10 boards every blogger needs to reach a bigger audience.

There’s an introduction to the “Blogger Community” at the end of the post, so make sure you keep reading!

10 Boards Every Blogger Needs


Who doesn’t love to make some home crafts on a Sunday morning? Everyone loves DIYs! There are plenty of creative and interesting crafts for you to pin in a board!

pinterest 1


Food is the top most popular section of Pinterest! Surprised? You shouldn’t be! I mean we all love FOOD! There are millions of dessert recipes, breakfast ideas, drink mixes, healthy food, Spanish food … that people search for on Pinterest! So why not create a Food/Drink board that people will find all of these there?

pinterest 2


People are always in search for new ideas, new inspirations, especially bloggers! And what better way to find inspiration than by quotes? It’s amazing what words can do! So make a place on your Pinterest for a “Quotes to live by” board!

Pinterest 3

Home Decor

Let’s face it, we all dream of the perfect house with pure white walls, a walk-in closet and jacuzzi! No matter how luxurious your house is, there’s always something that you would love to tweak! So this board is what you and the people who follows you need for inspiration!

Pinterest 4

Blogging Tips

We, bloggers, are always looking forward to taking our blogs to a higher and more professional level! Sometimes, we need some tips from people who have more experience in the blogging field than we do! So a “Blogging Tips” board is the place to answer all of the blog-related questions that are running through your head!

pinterest 5


Want to know what my favorite category on Pinterest is? Of course, it’s Fashion! Every girl reading this now is nodding in agreement. Fashion all the way!

pinterest 6

Your Blog Board

Want your followers to find all your blog posts in one place? That’s pretty simple! All you need to do is create a “My Blog” board where you could pin all of your blog posts! That’s a great way to make your Pinterest followers some daily readers!

pinterest  7


As a blogger, photography is as important as writing blog posts! That’s why, a photography board is a must. Personally, one of my goals for August was to get better at photography! I always look for new flat lays and photo shoots ideas.

pinterest 8


Can you think of a Pinterest account without a “Beauty” board? Especially if you are a beauty blogger! Your readers love to see your beauty pins, some of your recommendations and some of your favorite makeup looks!

pinyterest 9

Join a Community Board

One more way to grow you audience is to join a community board! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a group of collaborators who share pins about one topic or different topics in one place.

Want to join a community board? I created a community board for BLOGGERS yesterday! This board is an opportunity for bloggers like me to share their content in order to reach a larger audience and engage readers. Learn more about it here.

Want to join us? It’s simple! All you need is to leave me a message on Pinterestcomment on my latest pins or send me an email on

Pinterest Board-01

These were 10 boards every blogger needs, but there are plenty of more boards to create! Want inspiration? Great! Take a look at my Pinterest account here. Leave me your Pinterest links in the comment as well. I would love to check them out!

Do you have other recommendations? Let me know in the comment! I love hearing from you.

Until next time,
Love, MN
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8 thoughts on “Every Blogger Needs These 10 Pinterest Boards

  1. I’m not going to lie, I’m awful at keeping my pinterest updated! I created one and I know that I should use it because it can be such a great resource (I mean, come on, half of your views!) but I think I need to spend more time learning about it. Thank you for this post – it gave me the kick up the bum I needed to get back on it!

    Curly and Wordy


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