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How to | 50 Ways to De-Stress

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Stress is something that we all face on a daily basis, we usually forget how important it is to chill and enjoy our times. And because yesterday was the National Relaxation Day (I hope you spent a stress less Monday), I thought now would be the perfect time to share my list of ways to de-stress.

  1. Write in a journal.
  2. Escape with a TV show.
  3. Paint your nails.
  4. Drink a cup of coffee/tea.
  5. Write a blog post. Here are some ideas!
  6. Meditate.
  7. Take a nap.
  8. Write a list of things you’re grateful for. Check out mine!
  9. Call a friend.
  10. Turn off your phone.
  11. Read a book.
  12. Go for a walk.
  13. Eat a yummy snack.
  14. Write a to-do list.
  15. Smile.
  16. Scroll through Pinterest.
  17. Do some ZUMBA at home.
  18. Do some crafts and DIYs.
  19. Light a candle.
  20. Apply a face mask.
  21. Color.
  22. Write in your planner.
  23. Start a nail care routine.
  24. Make a shopping wishlist.
  25. Plant.
  26. Eat some chocolate.
  27. Call your mom.
  28. Hug your dog.
  29. Give yourself a foot massage.
  30. Look at your happy childhood photos.
  31. Deep, slow breathing.
  32. Stretch.
  33. Take a hot shower.
  34. And sing in the shower.
  35. Read other blogs. Here are some recommendations!
  36. Put on makeup.
  37. Make someone’s day!
  38. Yoga.
  39. Cook your favorite meal.
  40. Or bake some desserts.
  41. Listen to this relaxing playlist.
  42. Watch your favorite movie, for me, it’s The Notebook.
  43. Change into pajamas.
  44. Get under your blankets.
  45. Make a new playlist.
  46. Put some music and dance.
  47. Organize.
  48. Hang out with your friends/boyfriend.
  49. Go to a spa.
  50. Do whatever it takes to make your heart feel like a hot pink rose.

What are the things you do to de-stress?

Until next time,

Love, MN
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