Update | September Goals

Setting goals at the start of every month is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It can be very challenging! And sharing them with you motivates me even more to achieve them! For me, September is a special month full of new beginnings! In the upcoming weeks, I will be…… Continue reading Update | September Goals

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FREE Printable Weekly Planner

As a blogger, I love being able to see my week plans and my scheduled posts in one place at a glance. And if you’re like me, if you need a pretty place to keep all of your reminders of things you need to get done, you are absolutely at the right place! Because I…… Continue reading FREE Printable Weekly Planner

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H&M Wishlist #1

Sandals with lacing Necklace with tassels Straw Hat Ribbed cold shoulder top A-line skirt Top with lacing Short Coat Sandals with a block heels What is on your Autumn Wishlist? Until next time, Bloglovin’ | Pinterest | Tumblr | Twitter          

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Every Blogger Needs These 10 Pinterest Boards

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to blogging, half of my blog’s views are from Pinterest! I spend a lot of time and effort organizing my pins and creating new boards that will fit a wide variety of people. And I have to admit it, it wasn’t easy! That’s not something you could do in…… Continue reading Every Blogger Needs These 10 Pinterest Boards

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How to | 50 Ways to De-Stress

Stress is something that we all face on a daily basis, we usually forget how important it is to chill and enjoy our times. And because yesterday was the National Relaxation Day (I hope you spent a stress less Monday), I thought now would be the perfect time to share my list of ways to…… Continue reading How to | 50 Ways to De-Stress