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It’s Monday, But That’s Okay!

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Happy Monday y’all!

I know a lot of people who struggle with Mondays! Waking up early and getting back to work and responsibilities after a long weekend is actually hard. That’s probably the reason why people hate Mondays. But you know what? I LOVE Mondays! I really do, and you should too.

You may be like: “Wait, WHAT?


Yeah, don’t freak out!

Why not take a look at it from another angle? Believe me or not, Mondays may be your Fundays!

1- Mondays are for fresh starts! I know a lot of people, including me, who wait for Monday to achieve what needs to be done. Because Mondays are always good for fresh starts!

2- The perfect time to catch up on new stories and gossip from the long weekend.

3- It’s a second chance! A chance to move to something new and exciting, a chance to work harder and even make it better than the previous week!

4- It’s a reason to be grateful. A new day to live and new opportunities to take!

5- Inspirational Monday blog posts everywhere! Reading these posts can uplift your mood.

Do you love Mondays?

Also, can you think of other reasons to love Mondays? Share your thoughts in the comment! I like to keep in touch with you x.

Until next time,Love, MN

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13 thoughts on “It’s Monday, But That’s Okay!

  1. That is so true! Mondays are for fresh starts and second chances. I could understand though why some could hate Mondays since it’s time to go back to work. But that’s alright, they can have their fresh starts and second chances at work too! Hope you’re well!

    Ron | Nearby Wanderer


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