From A to Z | Get to Know me

I saw a lot of bloggers writing these kinds of posts, so I thought I should give it a try! I really like tags because you guys get to know me better!  If you’ve written a similar post please feel free to leave the link in the comment, because I always love reading little facts about you too! If you haven’t, I tag everyone to do it.

Aries// yes, I’m an Aries! I think there are particular traits or qualities found in every sign of the zodiac. Aries are dream chasers, courageous, enthusiastic, bold and competitive. Any Aries in da house?

Bruno Mars// he is my favorite singer! His songs really mean a lot to me! Have you ever heard the song “Talking to the moon” or “It will rain”? AMAZING!

Charbel// my boyfriend!! We’be been together for almost five years now! He’s not just my boyfriend. He’s my best friend, my soulmate and the love of my life. He’s the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart…

Deep conversations// heart to heart conversations are the best to me. Deep conversations with the right people are priceless!

Emojis// I am obsessed with emojis! For me, a conversation without emojis for is boring!

Fashion designer// my childhood dream job!! I used to draw a lot of fashion sketches and I also learned how to sew when I was a kid! This is one of my sketches when I was ten!

Google// Google is part of my life now! I literally google anything and everything. Although, there are some questions that even google don’t have answers to!

Hero// the song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias is one of my favorite songs! I usually listen to this song when I want to sleep. It is so soft and relaxing!

Italy// I have been wanting to go to Italy for so long! Italy is on the top of the places I want to visit! Everything there is breathtaking. Do I have to say more?

Jewels// any woman can turn her ordinary outfits into extraordinary ensembles by adding the right accessories! Jewels are every woman’s best friend!

Kinder Bueno// I love chocolate and hazelnuts!

Lists// I LOVE lists! I write lists for literally everything to keep me organized.

Mimi Ikonn// Mimi Ikonn is my favorite Youtuber! Everything about her is fabulous; her hair, her style, her videos, her way of thinking, her life … She’s my inspiration!

“Never try never know”// Obviously, my favorite quote! It’s also the tagline of this blog! Check out the post that I wrote about this quote here!

Overthinking// I overthink a lot about almost everything!

Project Runway// I love this show so much!

Quotes// I do spend a lot of time on Pinterest searching for quotes and saying that inspire me! I love quotes. What is your favorite quote?

Running// Check my running playlist here!

Sunsets// sunsets are the best thing on earth! Watching the sunset with a precious person on the beach, it’s the best time

Tulips// my favorite flowers!

Unique// I love to be unique in everything I do! And I think that’s super important! I also try to surround myself with unique people. Don’t copy, get inspired!

Victoria’s Secret// let’s be real, every girl’s weakness is Victoria’s Secret! What is her secret? I don’t know! But if a girl is upset, the answer is Victoria’s Secret.

Wifi// not really sure where I’d be without wifi! And that’s something I think everyone should be grateful for, lol.

Xmas// instead I would say Christmas but the letter “c” is already taken. Christmas is my favorite holiday! Everything in this month seems so peaceful and glamorous!

Youtube//  I spend a lot of time watching youtube videos! I would actually love to have my own channel one day!

Zumba// If you know me, you’ll also know that I love Zumba! Zumba is one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored. It just gets my stress down and my heart rate up! Check out the post that I wrote about Zumba a couple of months ago here.

Until next time. 

Love, MN

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18 thoughts on “From A to Z | Get to Know me

    1. Really like this, whilst going through your A-Z I was thinking I might struggle,l to complete. The way you wrote it looks as though it was done with ease. I might give this ago. You’ve inspired me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it wasn’t easy but it’s worth giving it a try! Glad to hear that I inspired you! Thank you so much!
        Feel free to leave me the link of your A – Z post when done!


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