Coffee Table Essentials

Hello lovely readers,
Recently, I was contacted by Chairish, an online marketplace that gives vintage lovers the chance to buy and sell beautiful pieces of vintage furniture and decor, to participate in the “Coffee Table Essentials Challenge”using one of their lovely coffee tables as a base to share my coffee table essentials. I was so excited about this challenge! Check out my Pinterest Account.

It was hard to choose only one coffee table, but this is what I came up for:

I decided to keep it simple with a touch of elegance and glam. I love to keep a space on the edges for guests to place their things. So here are my coffee table essentials!

Fresh flowers are always a great way to style a space, and it’s lovely to be able to smell them in the room as you walk in.

Not only for their smell, but candles also give a room the feeling of warmth and coziness.

I love to style my coffee table with books and magazines. They’re stylish and class! I chose the fashion book “The World In Vogue”.

This lovely small elephant statuette gives the table a touch of wildness!

Coasters are so chic and useful at the same time, and you can get all sorts of shapes and styles to decorate your table.

Thanks  to Chairish for inspiring me! If you have never visited their site, you should definitely make the effort!

What do you think of my style picks? Let me know what are your Coffee Table Essentials! 
 Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, MN

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