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♥ March Favorites ♥


Hello lovely readers, March has reached the end way too fast. In this month I discovered a lot of interesting things that I’m excited to share with you! What are some of your favorites for this month? Do share! I love hearing from you!

And now, ready to take a look back with me? Let’s get started!

Favorite Quote


I live by this quote! It tells how much decisions that we take can affect the future. We never know what tomorrow will bring, but at least we can make choices today that will make tomorrow much easier and happier! Today’s decision can make a huge difference in our lives tomorrow, so don’t take it lightly! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think?

Favorite Book


A perfect stranger, what a wonderful story! This book tells the story of Alexander Hale and Raphaella Phillips. Hale, a recently divorced man, takes a walk down his street, when he sees Phillips, a beautiful woman, crying on the steps… It’s a book that I recommend to everyone who loves romantic stories.

Favorite Song

This song really touches my soul! I can listen to it forever. It’s so soft and emotional.

Favorite Video

Behind this video is a great lesson! It’s a must watch for everyone.

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Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week ♥ Until next time!
Love, MN.

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