50 Weird Facts About Me


A list of over 50 random facts about me. I’ve listed (almost) all random things that I know about myself. Here we go!

1- I can speak Arabic, French, English and a little of Spanish.

2- I love the smell of gasoline.

3-I also love the smell of the forest after one night of rain.

4-I’m obsessed with Mimi Ikonn. I would love to meet her one day.

5-I change my phone wallpaper every day (and sometimes more) depending on my mood.

6-I can count my friends on one hand.

7-I love scarfs so much.

8-I rarely drink alcohol. Maybe once or twice a year.

9-I’m rubbish at anything sporty and have always been that way.

10-I think and overthink about almost everything.

11-I am always on time and I hate not to be.

12-I have a really bad posture and I hate to admit it.

13-I have never eaten sushi and I guess I never will.

14-I can sing (I have a beautiful voice).

15-I am not a Roquefort fan.

16-You can make me cry so so so easily

17-I never enjoyed reading books until recently.

18-I’m still not sure what I want to do (as a job).

19-I love to watch Youtube videos over and over again.

20-I love romantic movies so much I could spend all day watching them.

21-I love emojis.

22-I have everything in my purse you could imagine.

23-I have dimples.

24-I’m really good at stuff until people watch me do that stuff.

25-When I have a new calendar, I flip to my birth month to see if I got a good picture.

26-I cry watching touching commercials or TV dramas.

27-I love hugs.

28-I dislike sitting in the middle seat in the car. I always have to sit on one side.

29-I don’t trust people so easily.

30-I was horribly shy when I was young.

31-The key to my heart is through food :D. Feed me and I’ll love you foreverrrr.

32-I really like black clothes. REALLY.

33-I google literally everything.

34-I don’t know how to wrap presents.

35-I love meaningful quotes.

36-When I say that I cleaned my room, I just meant that I threw everything that was visible into somewhere that isn’t visible.

37-I can’t take pills, I just can’t.

38-I am not a morning person. Like, at all.

39-I’m so moody.

40-I love everything fashion related.

41-I don’t always say something stupid, but when I do, I keep talking to make it even worse.

42-I make wishes at 11:11.

43-I calculate how much sleep I can get before going to bed.

44-My mom is my best friend.

45-I really do appreciate people who stimulate my creativity and make me think on a deeper level.

46-I always compare myself to others and I know this is so BAD.

47-I really enjoy taking pictures. I love photography.

48-I don’t smoke, never have and never will.

49-When I’m upset I just go to sleep, my judgment is better when I wake up.

50- I love who I am!

Until next time, 
Love, MN

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24 thoughts on “50 Weird Facts About Me

  1. What’s your personality type(16 types)? I am pretty sure you are an Introvert. I can relate to you like 90% or more things you wrote. Especially 2 , 6 and 43 same here.


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