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How to Have the Best Year Ever


It’s the end of the year again! I hope you had a wonderful year full of surprises, challenges and life lessons. It’s time to review your accomplishments of 2015, and have a fresh new start for this new year! And here are 4 questions for you to find answers before 2016 to have the best successful year ever! (This post is inspired by Alex Ikonn’s video How to Have the Best Year Ever on Youtube). 


  1. What wins do I need to celebrate from this past year?
  2. What was I doing when I achieved my best results?
  3. What is one life lesson from last year?
  4. What’s one goal that will make this year my best year ever?

Now take a notebook and a pen and take your time to write the answers down.

Why you should try this process ?

This will help you to really look back and see how you’re working towards your goal and if you have achieved it



I recommend to watch the video that I linked before

Also, I would love to know what are your impressions after doing this process. Share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading.

Until next time! Love, MN.

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