30 Self-Improvement Challenges



Today, I wanted to share with you guys something new, something I was thinking about for a long time. It’s been a while since I was trying to make self-improvements and I want you to join me! Here are 30 challenges to try that can make improvements on yourself, your body, your personality, … So enjoy, and don’t forget to comment which challenge you want to join!Β 


1- Break one bad habit in a month challenge.

2- Meditate every day for a month challenge.

3- Join the 30-day photography challenge to improve your photography skills.


4- Make your bed for 30-day challenge.

5- Good posture challenge.

6-Drink 10 cups of water for a month challenge.

7- Eat only when hungry for a month challenge.

8- Take the stairs for a month challenge.

9- Learn a new word for a month challenge.

10- No soda 30-day challenge.

11- Read the Bible for a month challenge.

12- Wake up early for 30 days challenge.

13- Join the 30-day squat challenge.


14- Totally honest for a month challenge (no lying).

15- Gratitude list for a month challenge.

16- A month of good actions challenge.

17- 30 day of healthy eating challenge.

18- 30 days without criticism challenge.

19- 1 week without social media sites challenge.

20- Discover and listen to a new song for a month challenge.

21- Take a 15 minutes walk outside challenge.

22- Learn something new on Youtube for a month challenge (magic tricks, Photoshop tutorials, …)

23- Write 3 positive things every day for a month challenge.

24- Join the 30-day blog challenge.


25- A compliment a day challenge.

26- A month without TV challenge.

27- Drink lemon water for a month challenge.

28- Before going to sleep, write the best thing that happened this day for a month challenge.

29- Study harder for a month challenge.

30- And last but not least, try to keep on smiling for your whole life, even if it’s hard! Β πŸ™‚

Until next time.Β 

Love, MN

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7 thoughts on “30 Self-Improvement Challenges

  1. Awesome post. I’m on Day 10 of a 30-day mental, spiritual, and emotional program I designed for myself. It’ll be interesting to see if a real habit develops after 30 days. I hope so!!


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