100 Things I’m Grateful For

Things to Be Grateful ForThings to Be Grateful For

Few days ago, I was laying in my bed, for hours in the dark, thinking about all the disappointments I had this summer and all the bad choices I’ve made I was feeling down I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts that were going through my head. . But something interrupted my thoughts, I heard my sister telling my mom a story of someone who died in front of his wife and daughter by a sudden cardiac death. When I heard what my sister said, I was shocked. I stopped for a minute and understood the message God has sent to me. No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive. It’s sad how we understand how lucky we are through the pain of others.

100 things to be grateful for

Here are 100 blessings I’m grateful that I have in my life.

1- I’m breathing

2- A mom that always finds solutions to my problems

3- A dad that will protect me from the world

4- A supportive family

5- Mistakes

6- My boyfriend that will always be there for me

7- Google; You can search for anything, anytime, anywhere

8- People I can trust

9- Tasty food

10- Hope

11- Warm hugs

12- Weekends

13- Hot water for shower

14- Snooze button

15- Movies I watch again and again

16- Sunsets

17- Blankets and pillows

18- Childhood memories that I’ll never ever forget …

19- Clothes

20- Uncontrollable laughter

21- Video games

22- Roof over my head

23- Pizza!

24- Clean water

25- Shopping

26- Money

27- Spell Check

28- People who always make sure I’m getting home safely.

29- Make up

30- My strength

31- Help from others

32- Inspiration

33- Great music that can change my mood

34- Pets; they give us unconditional love

35- A good cup of tea to relax and chill

36- Colors; because life in black and white is BORING

37- Good books

38- A good night’s sleep


40- My blog and followers

41- Photography; lets you capture memories

42- Candles

43- Pajamas or relaxing clothes

44- Sunshine

45- Hot chocolate

46- Good health

47- Dishwasher; sure!

48- Internet

49- Seasons

50- Faith

51- Naps

52- Air conditioning

53- Online shopping

54- Beach

55- Flipflops

56- Date nights

57- Surprises

58- Kisses

59- Independence

60- Holidays

61- Art

62- The place I call home

63- Drinkable water

64- Life lessons that made me who I am today

65- The teacher I’ll never forget

66- Makeup remover

67- Picsart app; life saver to me!

68- Karaoke Nights

69- Ice cream

70- Experiences

71- Toilet paper

72- That I can see, touch, hear, smell and taste!

73- My body

74- Peace

75- Zumba dance

76- My earphones

77- The people who care for you

78- All the things I’ve learnt in my life

79- Whatsapp ♥

80- Nail Polish

81- My childhood toys

82- Pinterest; my biggest inspiration

83- Tears

84- People who love me

85- My past

86- Youtube

87- Meditation

88- Prayers

89- Smiles

90- Mirror; imagine life without a mirror

91- Legs

92- My dreams

93- Morning calls with people that I love

94- The people who ask you how you are doing and wait to heat the answer

95- SoundCloud

96- How I have changed the past years

97- Love

98- You, because you’re reading this

99- Deep conversations

And last but not least Me, my own life.


We should pause and appreciate what we have in life.

Your turn…. What would you add to the list? 

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts… 

Don’t forget to be grateful today.Until next time. Love, MN.

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