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My Fall Fashion Wishlist

Fall Fashion Wishlist

When you feel that first crisp breeze, you know that summer is gone and fall is in the air! Fashion’s lovers admit that fashion is the best part of fall. And because every season comes with a wishlist. This is my wishlist for Fall 2015!

1- Flannels

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2- Quilted Vests

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3- Scarves 
37efa5af4b31e9dbe01fc8ddc2d3378b 7170f4c0e6e368f6990081ea21711840 1d9f0522b733839266a87265eed0c526

4- Ankle Boots


5- Cardigans

a286f04d968e3b98bc8d36bf5156cee0 b61a80441ce04ffff4dad4307cf0235a bc7d9d8a81b395319042de78cfae9b1a

6- Beanies 

4f655e26c06badbd7e47811ff3c96082 a5f135e475768ec0ebdf15f0be1123a2 a335caf7dda0ce667d7dc097f90f1ab1 d31c8e47a093ce9701533d3cd84dcb49

7- Fur Vests


8- Socks over the boots

9d8b714e8663e6ec9a6c6262f6e87147 73eeddd08d15178429fb4225c6bba2d0 a6ea978255df64808ca44096e6234b52 a556581487c542aace6d2566a01e05fa d8f6bcd98a15ec2108e61d7dd400b855

And that’s it! What is your fashion wishlist for fall 2015? Let me know in the comments ♥

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time. Love, MN.

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